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Here’s the back story…

Once upon a time, in a world unbeknownst to many, lived real rich housewives (it turns out, only some were rich)…beautiful, accomplished socialites who were mostly full of themselves.  Though not all of them were guilty of being self-absorbed, most were.

A television network decided to have cameras follow them through their lives and something strange happened…no longer were they real housewives, but celebrities, and now they had to wear fake eyelashes, production-quality make-up, get their teeth veneered, their lips plumped and have other plastic surgery proceedures so they could now look good for the cameras.  Of course, they all had to get fake orange spray tans.

Gone were the real housewives who ran around in yoga pants and bounced around their houses without make-up.  Gone were the days of quiet conversations with friends with nothing on their calendars except the occasional social luncheon and picking their kids up from school.

Now they were working girls, whoring themselves for product sales and, therefore, they were no longer real housewives at all…in fact, they were no longer real.


First season, real housewife
Latest season, pretend real housewife

See what we mean?

We wanted to know…where did all these air-kisses come from and where did all the real housewives go?

This we simply do not know.

So what is a parody?  It’s any humorous or satirical imitation, as of a person or event, etc.  We’re going to imitate and make fun of and make snarky comments about these lovely ladies of leisure.  For now, this is The Real Housewives Parody, but we foresee many other reality stars coming under our radar.  In fact, if you like Family Guy, you’re just gonna love us.

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Incidentally, these are Lisa Vanderpump's pink pumps, which we love. After meeting the RHOBH Cast of Characters, (see the pages in the right-hand column), you'll know exactly what it means when these show up in the parody.

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