I was just looking at your cookbook…

"I was just looking at your cookbook. Where does it say all this stuff is a joke? I can't find it."

"Uh, I mean, it was a joke. I mean, geesh. Why does it have to say that? Doesn't anyone get it? It was a JOKE!"

"But, you said Caroline was 1/16th Italian? That means you're saying that Chris is 1/16th Italian. He's not 1/16th Italian!"

"Na uh, I'm not saying that. I'm saying Caroline is 1/16th Italian."

"Chris is Caroline's brother, so he'd have to be 1/16th Italian, too, if Caroline is."

"Yous is stupid, Tre". "Couldn'ts yous figir that one out?"

"And what about this? You think Caroline's food is like Olive Garden? That's not nice."

Wait a minute...we like Olive Garden!

"Why yous always pickin on Teresa?"

"That bitch said my food is just like the Olive Garden. I'm so done with her!"

Hey, again! What'd we just say? We like the Olive Garden!

"She said something about me, too. But I can't remember what she said. I guess I'm not that smart, either, am I?"

"Yous Teresa's cousin. You remember that don't ya? What'a yous think that means? Idiot."

"I just love all this drama, don't you? I'm the one who told Tre she should keep it in the book just before she went to press with it and I pretended to laugh so she'd think everyone would think it was funny, too. Yummy. That was so mean of me, but look at all the drama it's caused!"

"They're all just jealous of me" hahahahaha


"Jealous! Are you kidding, Teresa, I just love it when you screw everyone who was nice to you. You're so stupid!" hahaha

"Oh, shut up. Gold-digger!"

"You b-i-t-c-h!

"Now I get to pretend I care at the reunion. This is gonna be fun!"

I am so impressed with the dialogue that goes on between these people. It's a side of life I've truly never seen. Is it the Italian thing or the New Jersey thing, cause it's so funny. Sometimes I just have to re-watch these episodes so I can laugh a few more times...because if it's not about the laughter, what's it all about? Andy? You drama did all this!

Your friend,


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