1st Parody on the 2nd New Jersey ReUnion

"You know, Gia's song, it was so heartbreaking and alot of viewers thought so, too. What was it like for you?"

"Duck! I know she's going to flip a table over this one. We can't ever ask her about her children without her flipping something. Watch, I'll bet she's going to tell us all to go scratch. For some reason, she likes to watch us scratch. Do you like to scratch? because I know I do."

"You know what Andy, go scratch and tell the viewers to go scratch, too!"

Andy immediately starts scratching, and so do all the viewers at home.

"What you had that child do on national tv was a disgrace."

"uh, ya, because your kids are so perfect aren't they Caroline. You know what? Go scratch!"

Then Caroline immediately starts scratching.

"Well, I think what everyone is saying here is that maybe you should have looked at it before hand to see if it was appropriate. I mean, she was singing it on national tv..."

"Oh, you're calling me a bad mom again. What? Do you think you're so perfect? You know what? You can go scratch, too! And so can your kids"

And now Kathy starts scratching, too, and she’s gonna go right home and tell the kids to scratch.

"Teresa, what's going on with you? You're becoming so evil, right before my very eyes!"

"Oh, shut up, gold-digger! Go scratch!"

"Don't call me a gold-digger, you bitch. I'm gonna scratch your eyes out, that's what I'm gonna do!"

"I told you to duck. I just knew she'd be pulling out those scratch-bombs. That was fun, huh?"

Woah! That was intense. I've never seen any of this scatching stuff. I learn more things about the life of real housewives in New Jersey when I watch these shows. Tomorrow, I'm going to go tell my friend Carol to go scratch.

Your friend,


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