2nd Parody on the 2nd New Jersey ReUnion this is what I call drama! I'm just gonna sit back and quietly laugh this one out. They're calling each other 'shit'...can you believe it? hahahahaha"

"I've got to try to get this smirk off my face, but I'm just totally loving it!"

"I'm not wasting your time, my time, or this tape" referring to Bravo Andy, then turns to Teresa and says "You are full.of. shit."

"No, you're full of shit and I'm lookin' at it!" Tre says, with a perfect once-over eye glance.

"Okay. Alright. You know what, you saying I'm shit is the biggest compliment in the world."

"Is that supposed to be a compliment?", said with a grimmaced half-smile

"Well, you said it first, baby doll.!"

"See? They're actually having a shit-throwing contest! Oh this is the best I've ever seen"

"I say you're full of it and thank you. The day I have your approval about character and the way to act, or to behave is the day I go cry in the corner "

"Practice what you preach! Practice what you preach. Look at your own family before you talk about somebody else's family. You don't talk to 3 brothers and sisters"

"Oh my Lord, can't these ladies just learn to behave?"

"Oh, shut up, Lisa. This is none of your business. I can call anyone shit that I want to! Why don't you mind your own business"

"Oh, Bravo, Andy! You have such a talent for bringing out the drama, dahling", Kevin Lee says in a quiet whisper. We think he likes Andy. A lot.

"Oh, thank you, Kevin. I'll talk to you later," big, flirty smile.

I really hadn't thought of someone calling another "shit" to be a compliment, but if Caroline thinks so, then by golly we should all do it, don't you think? Try it today on a friend and see if they like it. I shall try it on a couple of mine, too. Perhaps we can all have shit-throwing contests everywhere. Won't that be fun?


What do you think?

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