Michael Lohan Demands BJ

"I said give me a blow job you damned bitch, or I'll bash your head against the floor"

"I said NO! Dana Wilkey got a $25 thousand dollar pair of sunglasses for doing that. Besides, you can't touch me or I'll call the police"

"Oh yeah? Watch this!" bash, bash

"Michael, wait, Michael. Let me show you how to handle this. I just give my wife a fake gold Rolex. It works every time"

"I'm not a gold-digger, Joey. Kathryn Majors is a gold-digger. Not me!"

"No, you girls aren't gold-diggers. I think Michael is. He's been trying to make nicey-nice to me lately" wink. wink.

"I'll give you a blow job, Michael. Don't beat the lady up. You'll go to jail and you know what happens there, she-she-she"

"OK, forget it bitch. I'm going with Kevin. You get out of here, gold-digger!"

Yikes. I'm sorry I had to witness that one...a little too much information, if you ask me.

Your friend,


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