The Kardashian Men, Warning X-Rated

"Listen, dude. I'm gonna tell you right now, you marry one of these bitches and your life is over, man, OVER. This girl's gonna rip you a new asshole if you screw with their program. You gotta get that or you'll be effed, man. You hearin' me?"

"I'm tellin' you right now, bro, ain't no one gonna cut me a new asshole. Who does she think she is? Just 4 years ago she was a little shop keeper in the valley. She ain't nothing, bro. And she ain't gonna be telling me what to do."

"I mean, look at those two, man. They don't even have any dicks left. They're pussies"

"Holy shit. You're right! So whata you do, bro? You ain't no pussy!"

"Hell, I keep myself a little sumpon on the side. See, over there."

"Where, bro? I don't see any hot number!"

"Over there, dude. You're lookin' at it"

"Why, hello! She, she, she!"

Your friend,


8 comments on “The Kardashian Men, Warning X-Rated

  1. OMG Lady Brooks, you are nuts. I am always surprised no matter how many of these things you put out there. They say laughter reduces stress, I am totally stress free. Love ’em, keep on putting them out there!

    • God bless you for saying that. Sometimes, when I read them later, I actually laugh, too. That’s when I know they’re really funny, or that I’m going stark-raving mad. Either one works for me. Glad you get a good laugh out of them. If you laugh, I’ll keep going, that’s my motto.

  2. Lady Brooks! That was hilarious! Very well done! I love the way your parodies give a breath of fresh air! A much needed good belly laugh from some of the drama of our favorite reality shows! Nice job, keep it funny,keep us sane, keep us laughing!

  3. I agree with the other gals~Lady!~GREAT parody~DON”T apologize, so so funny & they all need to see every1 of these parodies. You some how HAVE to make sure they read these :*))
    I’ve needed a good pee my pants laugh & you delivered~keep ’em coming! ;*p

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