Lohan Shamed & Embarrassed, Arrested Again – X-Rated

"I don't know why you had to publicly humiliate me, bitch. Now everyone's laughing because you told the cops we fought because I wanted a blow job. Why'd you have to go and do that?"

"Michael, you can't be here. I'm calling the police"

"I mean, now everyone's calling me and laughing and they're all offering to give me a blow job. It's not funny. You ruined me, babe"

"You want a blow job? I'll give you a blow job, ya bastard."

What a friggin idiot, ha? "Hey, Michael, we'll give you a blow job!" hahahaha

"I'll give you a blow job, Michael."

"We'll give you a blow job, Mike."

"See babe, I'm embarrassed"

"Michael, the police are here!"

"Come on, little buddy, we'll have you squealing like a pig in no time. Seems you're really having problems with your lady friend?" hahahahaha "The little guy wants a blow job!" hahahahaha. " We'll help you out, buddy." hahahahaha

Your friend,


5 comments on “Lohan Shamed & Embarrassed, Arrested Again – X-Rated

  1. no need to apologize for this parody really cute and tastefully done…not nasty at all 😉 trust I have seeeeeen much much worse on gossip rags. This was tastefully done!

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