I am Even Ashamed of Myself for these Posts, But Things Will Clean Up, I Promise

Many of you must think that Lady Brooks is a very sick and perverted woman, given the contents of the past several posts and, if these posts were my only exposure to Lady Brooks, I would think the same thing. I don't know where these very x-rated and disgusting latest posts have come from. And, while they are funny, I don't really want the parody to be an x-rated thing, so I must try to keep this type of "funny" to a minimum. I am praying for more drama, the kind we viewers of the Real Housewives just love to watch. It's the stuff I like to snark about and it's what I really want to focus on in this parody. If I have offended you with these most recent posts, I completely understand, because they are SICK. I can only say, Lord give us some Real Housewives content. I'll be working on some of that this week-end. Eventually I'll delete the x-rated stuff because it even embarrasses me.


4 comments on “I am Even Ashamed of Myself for these Posts, But Things Will Clean Up, I Promise

  1. Aw, like I said in my other comment, don’t beat yourself up! It does make me chuckle that you feel driven to create these “disturbing” paradies, though — like they are beyond your control. I was suprised by the first one because it was so different from your usual tone but by the second I wasn’t surprised and just laughed. I especially like the ones that are a bit more dry. I personally like knowing that you’re not too righteous, too proper.

    But I know how you feel with regards to the shame. A few years ago, my celphone accidentally called my old and judgemental father while I was talking to a friend as we were getting ready to play tennis (girls do this in the locker room, too!) and he heard me talking about bj’s and he froze me out for a while and then just generally acted weird around me. It haunted me for a while, knowing that he heard me say “blowjob” but then I thought, eh, I talk about that sometimes, so what.

    • Hahahahaha, who hasn’t had such an incident! Oh, dear, I’m quite proper where and when I need to be, but then quite a jokester in the home and amongst loyal friends. I think it’s that way for all people, isn’t it?

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