Jill Zarin Desperate for New Show!

"Listen, Bawby and I knew there was a big chance I was going to be let go. Bravo wanted to take the show in a whole new direction and I knew I'd be one of the casualties. I didn't take it personally. Heck, I was one of the big reasons the show was so successful. If you ask me, the show's gonna be a ratings failure now that I'm gone"

"Listen, don't let Jill kid you. She was crying like a baby when she heard the news. We were worried about what was going to happen next with her"

"Listen, she was obviously having a mental breakdown at the news, that's why we suggested she might want to talk to Patti Stanger. We thought that would give her a little hope."

"That's when I realized, I'm not just a Real housewives' Star. I'm a real star. Television is not done with me...I'm just beginning and it's definitely not over for me."

"Jill's mentally ill. We just didn't want her to fall apart on our shift. She's been on the edge for a year and that's why we dumped her, we just didn't know what she was going to do next. When she started threatening her fans...well, we knew we were in trouble with this one."

"I was so pissed at Bravo Andy for suggesting Jill call me. I would rather pull my hair out then get in the same show with that nut-case. And then Bravo made me issue a press release that Jill & I might do a show together. I hate my contract! Hell, no. People may hate me, but can you imagine the two of us on the same show? People really hate Jill"

"Don't let her kid us. Everybody hates Patti, maybe more than Jill..."

"Hey, Jill. It looks like we're in the same boat. Nobody wants me, either. Maybe we should propose a show together."

"Hey, Jill I've got a job for you on my show. You can be my assistant's assistant. That way you'll get some camera time. I've been offered a couple of other shows. I'm sure I can find something for you." ha ha ha ha

"We wouldn't touch Jill Zarin with a 10 foot poll. She's unpredictable. We like nut-cases, just not certifiable nut cases!"

"That's why they picked me, Jill! At least I'm not certifiable."

"Well, at least I don't think you're there yet, Teresa! But we've heard rumors that you're starting to threaten your fans, too. If we see anything that causes us concern, we'll just fire you, and pretty quickly, too."

"What!! I hate you Jill Zarin, you Bitch!"

"Bummer, Jill. I would have thought by now, I mean with you being such a star, that you'd have been offered your own show. I can't believe it hasn't happened yet"

"Bravo Andy just loves me, Jill! We're even talking about me having my own show! She, she, she!"

"WOW, Jill, even we got offered a show. We got several offers, in fact."

"What's the matter, Jill? Cat got your tongue?"

Your friend,


4 comments on “Jill Zarin Desperate for New Show!

  1. This is funny beyond belief. Thanks for the giggles, Lady Brooks!! My day began at the ER but ended with a hearty laugh thanks to you!!

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