Guidices in Battle Over Fate of Penis

Listen, sis. Yous gotta real problem there at home with dat husband a' yours. I guess he spent da night over there in Atlantic City while yous was outta town and the tabloids are all over the place showing a picture of some blond he, a, had his way with over there"

"Who Joey? What blond? I mean, am I in trouble here?"

"Well, here sis. I bought all the copies they had off the shelves. I didn't want the kids to see it at the market. It would just kill Gia if she saw this about her daddy."

"Let me see, Joey. What is it?"

"Oh, Joey, she's beautiful. What am I gonna do?"

"Now listen. I want you to go home and I want you to threaten the little prick that we're gonna cut off his little wienie dick and shove it in a meat grinder. Then we're gonna stuff it into a sausage skin. You got that? But, sis. There's more. Look at the picture Melissa snapped of him standing outside the other day"

"Oh, Joey, I'm gonna have ta kill him. I don't know what else to do."


"No. No. We aren't gonna do dat. Just do what I tell ya, yous hear me? Don't worry about it. We're gonna take care of it."

"Joe, what's this I read in all the magazines? What're you doin'? You're killin' me. You're sleeping with some blond hottie in Atlantic City while I'm outa town? It's all over the tabloids!"

"No, Tre. Yous know yous can't believe any of that stuff. They're lying, Tre. They're lying. That's all. Don't believe any of that shit that you read, Tre. I haven't been in Atlantic City. I've been right here minding the girls, Tre."

"But Joe, my brother said I should tell you we're gonna take your penis, the one that's the size of my thumb, and shove it in a meat grinder and stuff it in a sausage skin. My brother said he's gonna take care of it, Joe."

"Tre. Tre. Why yous talkin' like that, Tre? Yous crazy, Tre. I ain't done none of that stuff."

"What am I talkin' about, Joe? What am I talking about?!!!Joe,what's this? Are you gonna say this isn't you? Melissa just took this picture, Joe. She just took this picture and now my brother's gonna stuff your dick into a meat grinder, Joe. You're lying!"

Your friend,


One comment on “Guidices in Battle Over Fate of Penis

  1. haha, love, love, love it even more when it comes out since we all know its true anyway! But no matter how dried up joe is, he’s got it made with her! Tre won’t leave him, instead she keeps his worthless lying ass out of prison by lying even more than he does…. THEY ONLY DROPPED OUT OF THEIR BANKRUPTCY CUZ THEY WOULD HAVE ENDED UP IN PRISON, AS THEY STILL SHOULD ANYWAY

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