Mom Kardashian Says Marriage Was Not a Sham

"So, Kris, a lot of people are saying that the whole marriage between Kris and Kim was a made-for-tv sham and that the family just played Kris...all to boost your ratings for the show and the money."

"Oh, no, Matt. I mean I know a lot of people have been saying that and it's just so mean. Kim married for love and everybody knows that. You just need to read my book. It's all in there."

"Another thing people are saying is that Kim made millions of dollars on the wedding and I know you've denied this, but why would you want people to think she made $20 million on her wedding when, now, you say she didn't?"

"Well, you know, Matt, that's just not true. The wedding ended up costing Kim money. The only place where she made money was for exclusive rights to her wedding pictures and she even used that money to pay for the wedding and I think that was only somewhere between $500 thousand and a million dollars, but I don't know."

"Well, it seems strange that you wouldn't know that, you're her manager, aren't you? But let's move on...a lot of people want to know what Kim's going to do with the ring. Is she going to give that back?"

"Well, Matt, that was really a gift to Kim, but I don't know. That's between them. You can read that in my book."

"That's the thing, Kris, I mean I hear you saying that the marriage was not a sham, yet you give all the details about the divorce in your book, how can you say it wasn't a sham when you already published your book before Kim even filed for divorce?"

"I'm not saying any more. This interview is over. I just think your readers should buy my book."

"Could it be said then that the marriage was a sham and the divorce was filed to coincide with the launch of your book so you'd have more publicity for your book?"

The Kardashians would like us all to believe that the wedding was all very real and not a made-for-tv, fake reality. In fact, they wanted to boost their ratings, make more money and get Kim more covers on magazines. They used Kris Humphries like he was a little puppet and they destroyed a fine young man for their own financial gain, didn't they?

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One comment on “Mom Kardashian Says Marriage Was Not a Sham

  1. Just found your blog, amd so glad I did. These posts are fantastic!! I have gotten a laugh off of each one. This is one of my new, favorite blogs. Can’t wait for more!!

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