Says Kate Gosselin “Love, Love, Love My New Job”

"So Kate's apparently really excited that somebody hired her because she really didn't want to go back to nursing. Obviously, it was going to be difficult for her to get another reality gig, since she lost a lot of her audience once everybody knew she was the bitch from hell..."

"Oh, shut up, Jon. At least I don't have to have a normal job like you do and, besides, I'm gonna be on television again soon and then what will you say? Huh?"

"Okay, Kate. Whatever. Do you want to tell everyone how excited you are about your new job? I know you're really excited and you think this is going to be your ticket out of having to go to work at a real job..."

"Well, yes, I do want to tell everybody. I just got a job as a blogger!! That's right, I'm going to be blogging about coupons and how you can save a lot of money. Just do what I do and you'll be able to live really well!"

"Oh, for heaven's sake, Kate, is that your new job?" Hahaha. "My friend LynnNChicago and I want to talk to you right now, since we make a fortune off blogging, you can get some tips from us." hahaha. "What do you think of that, Lynn?"

"Okaaaay, well I don't want to burst Kate's bubble, but I've been a professional blogger for over a year and I'm not giving up my day job, I'll just say that. Good luck with that, Kate. Let's talk in a couple of months. Maybe I'll send some of my readers your way because a blog about couponing is not really that exciting and you'll need my help". Hahaha

"Let me predict how this one is going to go. Making money by blogging, enough to support a mansion and 8 kids...hummm"

"Baby steps, Kate. You'll be fine"

"Hey, did you get that job? I got one doing voice-over work, but that sounds good, blogging about coupons. Who can I talk to about it?"

"I'm sorry if I'm laughig, Kate. I know it's not funny. I wonder if that's what Teresa will do next!" haha

"Oh, shut up, gold-digger!"

"I'm not a gold-digger, you bitch"

"OK, calm down, girls. Let's talk all about coupons and how you can save money every time you shop!"

"Kate, my friend, Elise, wants to know...can you get her a coupon for Burberry because if you can't get us designer coupons (haha), you won't have many readers" Sorry.

 Your friend,


4 comments on “Says Kate Gosselin “Love, Love, Love My New Job”

  1. This is hilarious. Kate told EVERYONE she is going to be back on TV. She is going to be on ” THE TALK” or THE CHEW.. Well lookie here NO NONE wants YOU on TV. NO ONE. So blogging on a lame a ss coupon blog its YOUR new job? Kate it sure as heck can NOT pay that well. YOUR talking about coupons. GET A LIFE. And get your kids our from UNDER your sin wagon. Idiot.

  2. oh my gosh Lady, every time I sign on, I’m getting another good belly laugh!! I’m SO enjoying your parodies & have become addicted to them!! MUST have reads just like LynnNChicago, ROH, PutYourHairUp, so many gals & styles of writing to enjoy!
    The comments are to die for too!!
    I’ve been saying All you gals should have these printed in books! I think they’d be a big hit :*))

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