Urgh, Rick Perry. A Parody

"Everybody knows it doesn't take a rocket scientist to run the state of Texas. I mean, look at this monkey...he did it."

"Yeah, I did it. It wasn't that hard and, even so, I was able to run the United States of America. You may think I'm a dummy, but if I could do it, anyone can...even Rick Perry. (sorry Rick)"


"Aw, that's ok, GW. I dunno, maybe people just expect me to be as smart as a king to run the country."


"I mean, I look pretty handsome in a crown, don't I?...and I think I could run the country just based on my good looks."


"I know. I know. So I really effed up in the debate. Yeah, I looked like a clown...or maybe an idiot..."


"I wouldn't be the first clown in, I made a mistake in the, I seemed like a bit of a dummy...."


"I just don't know why you guys are always making fun of me."

Your friend,

3 comments on “Urgh, Rick Perry. A Parody

  1. Even if I loved “Hang ’em High” Rick Perry, what he did was human and even though he’s interviewing for the most powerful job in the country, I’d still cut him a bit of slack. Perhaps Mitt the twit can stumble in a speech to gain some of that humanity.

    I think your blog was fabulous but that’s not surprising because I lean to the left politically. That doesn’t mean that I hate America, love abortions and want to get all your money through taxes for social programs. It just doesn’t. Sometimes people make a choice to be on the left because they saw the team on the right and they didn’t want any part of it. Compare a Rachel Maddow to a Rush Limbaugh sometime. If you wanted to be on the blowhard team full of ditto heads who want to point fingers at others and blame the world for their failings, choose Rush. If you want to be on the SMART team, the one that can be funny and ironic and knows that the nuances of issues aren’t always black and white, then choose Rachel.

    • It’s funny, but when I first became eligible to vote in this country, I registered as a republican. Coming from the UK, where taxes are at 60%, plus VAT tax, I didn’t want my “wealth” to be taxed, so I liked the concept of the republican ticket, but as the years went on I had found that I only voted the republican ticket one time. Taxes have many times nearly sapped my family of it’s wealth and holdings back home, so I knew high taxes was a very bad thing and I had heard that the democrats always wanted to tax the wealthy. Then, I saw what the republicans were doing during this Obama administration and watched Michael Moore’s “Capitalism, A Love Story” and realized I was as far from republican as one can get. With the current republican agenda they are all seeming uneducated, though they are not, and uninformed, though they are not. It is unreal how they are jeopardizing the lives of so many Americans just so that Obama does not get reelected and, for that, they’ve cooked their goose, in my book. Regardless of how high taxes could go for the wealthy by lifting Bush’s tax cuts, nothing compares to the taxes of most countries of the industrialized world. The wealthy are very lucky to have their wealth here and that’s where the republicans look like idiots to me…they are unaware of how lucky the wealthy are to be earning their wealth in the United States….raise their taxes and they’re still miles ahead of anywhere else.

      I don’t stand with the “99%”, because I have some wealth, but I stand with the middle class…is that the 75%. I wish we could put together our own “tea party” and get those morons out of congress.

      With respect to Rick Perry’s blunder…we all have done that, however, it is just something funny that comedians can make fun of. I hope nobody’s really judging his presidential potentialities based on that blunder!

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