Some Kim/Croy Advice

So on November 11, 2011, Kim Zolciak wed her baby daddy and boyfriend, Croy Biermann.  Kim said “it was the happiest day of my life.”

"Yes, we met at a charity event that was filmed by the Real Housewives of Atlanta crew. Do you remember? Our meeting was on an episode and today I got married. It's one of the happiest days of my life."

"Yeah, what Kim and I had were stolen moments and as many times as she tried to get me to leave my wife, I just wasn't gonna do it. She was a pretty girl, but she wasn't gonna have any success bagging me."

"Troy, I can't tell you how many times that girl tried to entrap me. I was too smart for that, but I see you weren't buddy!" haha

"You know, where I come from, you get the man by getting pregnant. I mean, isn't that what everybody does? Big Papa was snipped. That's why I got nowhere with him."

"We have such a georgeous little boy now and Croy is just in-love with the baby."

"Listen, Croy, now you're entering the life of reality tv. You gotta be careful, man. You could end up like this..."

"Or, worse, Troy, you could end up like this..."

"or like this..."

" pussy whipped you'll just have to get out, and fast. Don't do this, man. You will become another laughing stock for everyone in the world, and it's just not fun. Don't pose for silly pictures, regardless of what anyone tells you."

"Oh, shut up, Jon. Nobody's gonna listen to loser!"

"Oh, Croy, you're gonna be fine."

"Aw, Croy, look...we did it and we're fine. If we were you, though, we wouldn't ever pull Kim's hair. That really pisses her off. Have you seen her with her hair off, buddy?"

"You douche-bags better not be talking about my hair!"

"So it goes in the world of made-for-tv reality. There's drama around every turn and everyone seems to always have something to say. I just know that baby's gonna pull her hair."

Your friend,


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