How Many Times Have We Seen This? A Brief History Lesson

"What these women are saying about me are untruths."

"He told me he upgraded my room to a suite. He put his hand on my thigh. He said to me 'You want a job, don't you?'"

Interesting that the Herman Cain camp decided that it was time for his wife to step forward and defend the man she’s been married to for 43 years with respect to the sexual harrassment claims that have been hurled against him, so this week, she is stepping forward, after weeks of Cain denying that he ever sexually harrassed any woman.

"I'm thinking he has to have a split personality to have done the things they're saying. He's too respectful of women”.

"My husband is a man of integrity and what all these women are saying is simply not true. He would never do such a thing. Take it from me...I've known this man for 43 years."

Hmmm.  Does she seem different from any other political wife?  How many have stood behind their men, denying any potentiality of wrong-doing.  Here’s a quick history lesson:

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

"Oh, this woman?"

"Don't believe someone who may have met my husband just once. Believe me, I know him and he has never done anything inappropriate with anyone, he's an extraordinary person".

"As my wife said...I have never groped any woman. She knows me."

Your friend,


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