Why Is It Always All About Me?, Taylor Asks

"You know, I was a bit concerned about my tea party because Taylor was coming and she hadn't invited me to her event the previous day. Of course, I knew I had to confront her about it because I always like to talk about the elephant in the room and I knew that if I didn't, my tea party would be a bit heavy, wouldn't it?"

"I could tell by the look on Taylor's face that she was about to have another meltdown. It seems Taylor ruins nearly every event and I was afraid she was going to ruin our beautiful tea party. No, Taylor, please don't have another meltdown."

"Taylor told me she was going to call Lisa out on how she's become a bit full of herself, but you know that since Kelsey left me I've been very careful to stay away from any drama. I just really didn't like how I looked on tv last year, so I vowed this season would be different. I definitely wasn't going to get dragged into Taylor's little scheme. Lisa can be very subtle, and she's smart enough to turn everything around. I certainly don't want Lisa to turn on me."

"Taylor says I like to stir the pot and then walk away, but what she just doesn't get is that I just like to push her hot buttons. It's so much fun to watch her squirm. She is a very insecure girl and I have a bit of fun with it because she's so terrified of me. All I have to do is look at her and she has a meltdown."

"Uh oh, here it comes. Look at Taylor's face. Get ready for some more Taylor drama."

I'll get the drama started..."What is it, Taylor? What's troubling you dahling?"

You've always been mean to me, Lisa, and I've always been intimidated by you. I have tried my very best for over a year to get you to like me and you just don't. You're mean to me no matter how hard I try. All I can say is that if you aren't my friend, please, please, please DON'T be my enemy. Oh, and I'm supposed to tell you that everybody here thinks you're full of yourself...I mean, you have a picture of yourself on your laptop and we all talk about you behind your back!"

Hahaha...What did I tell you? She goes ballistic whenever she's with the ladies. This is going to be really fun.


"Kyle and I were just talking about you yesterday and how you've been telling people I haven't got any friends. You said Camille..."


"Oh no you don't, Taylor. Don't drag me into the middle of this."

"Okay, now you've done it Taylor, now you've done it. You want to talk about the truth, we'll talk about the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We've all been protecting you, but now you're trying to make Lisa hate us all, thank you very much, so we're gonna out you. We're going to tell everyone on national tv that Russell's been beating you, that he broke your jaw, and that we've all been covering for you."

Oh no, here we go, Lord knows what Taylor's gonna do or say next.

"This was supposed to be about you, Lisa, and how you've become so full of yourself. How did it become all about me again?"

"Taylor, I thought it was always all about you, I mean, wasn't our conversation outside all about you? Come on, everybody knows the conversations always revolve all around you...but you look good, even if you do say so yourself."

I love this drama more than anything else in the world. Didn't you just love this episode? Wait till next week. It gets so much more juicy and, if you thought this was fun, wait till you see Camille get all huffy and storms out of the tea party. Is this what all you ladies do when you have tea parties? because if it is, I wanna go. They seem like fun." haha

Your friend,


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