Cat Has Mom Kardashian’s Tongue

Since the petition went out to remove the Kardashians from TV, the Klan has been dead SILENT.  This is unusual, since nearly everyday they’ve got someone in the family trending on the internet, even making up stories to get in the press (like Justin Beiber possibly going on a date with one of the younger sisters).  They will do anything to trend and this silence means that we’ve shaken their arrogance a bit.  I applaud the readers for trying to get their goat.

"Hey, Kourtney, what's going on with you guys? How come you're all so quiet? Where's Kim? Is she still getting divorced?..."

"Where's your mom? Why did Khloe look so upset this morning? What's going on?..."

"I'm just so pissed at Kim, mom. She's ruined us with this stupid little fairy tale wedding she just had to have. What are we gonna do? We're so screwed, aren't we?"

"Look, there's no point crying over spilled milk. We just have to move on. For now, we'll just lay low and avoid the paparazzi. Don't answer any questions. Don't even look at them. We have to wait until this petition thing rolls over."

"Mom, we don't even know how to avoid the paparazzi. We've made it our life goal to trend on google and we've done it every week for a year. I'd like to know how we're supposed to avoid the paparazzi. I don't even know how to do that. How are we supposed to do that, mom?"

"Just watch me. I'm gonna show you exactly how to do it. I haven't let you girls down yet, I'm not gonna let you down now."

"HOLY SHIT GUYS!!! Look, it's mom Kardashian wearing frumpy clothes, a wig and a fake nose!!...Hey, Kris", hahaha, what's the matter? Don't have anything to say? What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" hahaha

Your friend, 


2 comments on “Cat Has Mom Kardashian’s Tongue

  1. Well, the mother knew this day would come – but she thought ahead. Take this as an attempt to set up shop for the Middle East, they recently were there to promote their brand!

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