To Wear or Not to Wear. That is the Question.

The question is the tiara.



Without question.



Uhhhh. Not so much.

Your friend,


6 comments on “To Wear or Not to Wear. That is the Question.

  1. Jill Z. is a very pretty materialistic woman. The tiara + tons of jewelry show all that she really cares about. I think she will eventually put poor Bobby in the poor house!

    • I believe that the Real Housewives has allowed her to build a small fortune and she would have to be financially challenged to put him into the poor house. Her materialism and narcissism is what has thrown Ali out to the wolves & the lifelong challenges she will face will provide for years of counseling. Narcissists do not make for good mothers.

  2. I think she’s made money off the exposure of the RH’s, but she had Bobby buying her $15K handbags from the very beginning. He hires private planes to take her where she wants to go. I don’t think she can afford those luxuries on her own income. (And I think that income will eventually dry up, as I don’t think she has a lot of fans that buy what she sells!) Just saying…………

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