NeNe & Snow White Have a Convo

The ladies of Disney's reality.

Germaine to our recent posts about NeNe Leakes and her new trannie shoe line, we get to eavesdrop on a conversation that Snow White has with her friend NeNe Leakes about, eh hmmm, shoes for her little men.

NeNe, last night the boys and I had a real fun time. My little men, each one of them as gay as RuPaul, wanted to don their "ladies night out" outfits. It was fun for all of us.

We even made a little, you know, home movie...if you know what I mean. I wore my prettiest little outfit and they wore theirs. It was so much fun. I was just tickled pink. But my little men need shoes, NeNe, and I heard you make special shoes for special men. Can you help us?

Boo, I understand what you sayin', but I am making big boy shoes, the sexy kind. Are you asking me if I can make little man, sexy shoes for your boys? Are you telling me that your boys are gay, boo?

Woah, you are one smart lady, NeNe. Thank you. That’s exactly what I’m saying NeNe, and their feet, like their hands, are big!  So it seems

Thus the story of how Snow White’s little men will get to dress in their finest Drag Queen clothes real soon…thanks to NeNe Leakes, the shoemaker with the mostest!

Your friend,


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